Letters For You

Old Letters and Old Blogs

I mentioned it before that I actually have several blogs both in wordpress and tumblr. I decided to leave those blogs for some reason and decided to focus in this one.  Well,  earlier I visited M and J’s Facebook profile to check on them.  She have this special place in me where I’ll always wish her to have the best in everything.  I used to write anonymous open letters before and she’s the first one to receive it. 

Anyway,  I decided to visit my WordPress blog wherein I added my old Tumblr blog posts (before deleting it) to look for the letter and there,  I realized how different everything was back then. My ideas,  independence,  all the photos I took,  EVERYTHING!  

For a moment,  I thought of merging those posts in this blog as well,  but then… that will kinda destroy it’s purpose. 

It feels good to reminisce.  And for M,  I’ll definitely do another letter for her.


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