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Just a Quick One : Losing V

This photo was shared in a mommy group I’m in. That Facebook group have more than 15 thousand members and it’s a haven for us moms. Most of us feel it’s a safe place where we can share thoughts and secrets. Anything that moms talk about (from in laws, mistresses, school issues, asking for recommendations, ANYTHING!) can easily be shared in that group and unlike those other mommy groups, this one have more mature members (in my opinion).

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It’s a choice, not a chance

I saw this photo in one of my friends’ Facebook profile and I totally agree with what this guy said.

Let me share you guys something.

Our relationship started with a “trial” stage. Both of us just came out of toxic relationships and I said “let’s try to be together for six months and if we’re still together by that time, we’ll decided if we’ll be serious”. We just celebrated our 6th anniversary last April 4. We chose to be together.

When I was pregnant with our first child,

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On Begging in Relationships

I saw this photo on Facebook today and I can’t help reacting because in my opinion this is so fucking stupid.

When someone say they don’t want you anymore, you should never EVER beg them to stay and offer to change yourself for them.

Before I met my husband, I was in a relationship with a lesbian who did everything to keep me from leaving.

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